Model : Three Pillars That Keep You Stable In Life


Mental, Physical and Financial


On this page is a model I have designed that described the factors which can keep a person stable in life, YES it is really true.

Before you continue, be sceptical, please! Always ask questions! Why should you believe me? What makes my model so special that it is worth your time to take a look? What if my reasoning is right, you might embed this model into your life? We will see how far we go and how well you are capable of accepting new idea's and new concepts, the magnitude of teachability determines how far you and I will together go on this great journey.

During our lifetime, there are so many unanswered questions but only one certainty, the death. Truly many many wise men and women before us, have tried to gather as many answers as they can, so they can find peace in their existence. Many have not found that what would have satisfied them, a few stumbled upon some clues and a handfull of them did attain enlightenment.

With these three stabilities in proper minimum portion, a person will be able to conquer every single problem that man can think of and ultimately, survive and have a truly happy life.

What gives me so much confidence to say this? And what evidence do I have to share with you? Well, as everybody does, we only believe when we see the evidence with our own eyes and and hear the proves with our own ears, right? This is what I can share with you all, I have obtained true happiness! Look how happy I am....


What is now the true relation between these three major stabilities? 


when there is money buy a pot (FINANCE) and there is dirt (PHYSICAL) for the seed (MENTAL), only then the seed can germinate!

know this fact and apply this in your life!

make sure you have a steady income, so you can have a good home to house your body and feed your body ...
in result you can let your mind grow to enormous propertion...

credits to richard for the lovely pot :)

Mental: Your Mind

Our mind is the mechanism that take care some of the following aspects of our life :

  • Thinking
  • Feeling
  • Rationalizing
  • Fantasizing
  • Deciding

and more...

Without a healthy sane mind, a person cannot be living a healthy sane life. Because we are living in a society where social communication is crucial, social behavior is necessary so people will not be outcasted. A healthy mind is also needed to be able to solve problems on a daily basis, like communicating with people around you, being selfconfident, having compassion etc.

Having the proper thinking, will make sure no pressure is built in the brain.



Physical: Your Body

Our body is the vessel that carries us from our birth to our death. This journey is a bumpy ride. Everybody knows it, you know it. That is the reason that you are here, I assume. Life of most people, consists mostly of pain, sorrow, despair, disappointment and sometimes excitement and even sometimes joy. For the physical part, there will be birth pain, growing pain, sickness pain and dying pain. The problem of this beautiful physical entity is, it is decaying. Yes, it is dying from the day we are born, cell by cell. This process is called growing.

A bunch of us have been questioning what is the purpose of living, while we already know that we will die eventually? Why even bother or is there a greater purpose for us with this magnificant piece of machinery?

Yes there is.

Let me try to enlighten you a bit. With a healthy functioning body, wondrous, miraculous things can be achieved in life. We can build a skyscraper, we can make a drawing, we can drive a car and we can even fly into space and land on the moon. Isn't it great? But that is not what matters in life. The higher purpose of life is, to attain balance and therefore true happiness.



Financial: Your Riches

Money is what this society needs, so as to able to purchase the basic commodities likes a roof above your head, clean water for the children and warm food for the grandparents. Money is what is called the cause of all evil on earth. The paradox is that we cannot live without money and yet we are doomed with it. So the bottomline, money is needed to survive, but be sure not the let the money lead your life.