Welcome to Three Pillars Of Life

Hello there, I, Joren, welcome you to be here. The reason you are here may be different than others, but one thing that is for sure, is that you and I are destined to meet, in one way or another. In chinese we call it "yuen", which means destiny or fate. In arabic it is called "naseeb". No matter how we call it, it basically means that all things in the universe have a path of their own, the most famous one we all know is the path of the sun. Yes our sun! The sun's movement is already known by us. We are able to calculate it's course in the years to come. Isn't this miraculous? Yes it is, for sure.

Back thousand of years already, the chinese have figured out that all things have their own paths and they have developed a science that can predict the future of all things in life, based on this phenomenon. This science's core consists of pure mathematics and physics. It describes nature and all it's behaviors by making calculations of all the possible factors and parameters known to us at any given time at any given place. This science is not blind belief, it is science, hence the results can be reproduced time after time.

The reason that you are here is due to the path you and I have to walk. There is no coincidence in life, all things happen for a reason. If you realize this and believe this, you will never regret the things you have done and for all the things you will be doing. The present is determined by the past and the future is determined by the present. If the present is being determined today, does it mean that the future is already the past today? Confused already? Don't worry, time will come that you will understand this as a perfect fact, the reason you are confused, is because the "aha" moment has not arrived yet in your path.

Back to you, you are here, because we have a special encounter and I believe that I will be a guidance of some kind in your life. My goal is to share with you what I have figured out of life and let you release the heavy weight bearing on your shoulders, for good.

"...and one last thing you should know, acknowledge that YOU are unique and special, because out of the thousands of billions of people, there can only be ONE ..."



Happiness Is Always A Choice