About Me and Indulgances

First of all, I am not a mental coach nor have I special supernatural powers, I have merely natural powers like all of you possess, my sight, my hearing, my taste, my feeling and my smelling. Yes, I am talking about my five sensory organs. Using these I can conquer all problems and so can you.

I am someone who is very playful and yet serious at the same time. Life is a game for me, with that said, I would love to share with you the indulgances in my life what made me grow to this proportion up till today. When I was still a young boy, I was told that I should listen more to eldery people, because they have lived a long life and they have witnessed already everything and they are experienced in every occupation. Strangely enough, that sounded like music in my ears. I didn't want to hit on the stone even one time and this I can achieve by listening and imitating the others. Now you might start to wonder, what indulgances am I talking about?

I would laugh at this moment and say : what is not in life?